Australian Economy Stalling

With the economy stalling and our hapless government touting it as fantastic, many are concerned about whats next for the property market.
While property investors like the idea of falling interest rates, all those retired with their income coming from cash and term deposits it may seem like a cruel injustice to bring the rates down to help out the struggling retail sector and middle class.

Its a hard balance to achieve however interest rates are also a measure on how the economy is going. If they are dropping, its usually a sign of the reserve bank to boost the bottom line and relieve homeowners of the almighty mortgage repayment burden

Whats next is hard to say however it clear we are in a slow time in the cycle

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Is A Quantity Surveyor Depreciation Report Tax Deductible?


The answer is yes it is tax deductible.
As you are having a professional quantity surveyor calculate the asset or liability value of items associated with your investment property, this is something you can list as a cost in your end of year tax return.

This makes the cost of the depreciation report well worth it as it can sometimes be fully paid off in the first tax year via your tax saving because of the deductions you are claiming. Every year after that then becomes a potential increase in your cash flow through more tax deductibles.

Its essential to have all your deductibles listed so you are maximising the advantages if you have a negative geared property. There are tax benefits of negative gearing so you may as well use them

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One Golden Tip To Refinance Your Mortgage

If your are thinking of or in the process of refinancing your mortgage, there is one thing really important that could help you out.

You have a good opportunity to combine any other debt or personal loans you may have into the same home or investment loan.
This could simplify your payments, reduce you outgoings with an overall lower interest rate and pay off personal loans improving your credit rating. 

If you have the equity and the cash flow(which is just the same as paying your other debt) combining your other loans into the same home loan is a fairly simple process during a home loan refinance. Home loans are have traditionally much lower interest rates than a personal loan so saving are very easy to calculate.

Contact your local mortgage specialist to find out more

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Do You Need To Look At A Refinance?

If you ever think that your mortgage or home loan is not right for you –
Go out and check!

How do you do this you may ask?
Well you can always go to your bank manager or current mortgage broker and ask the question.
Explain that you wish to have a mortgage check and see if your still healthy and getting the best loan for your situation.

Its always worth checking as the products are forever changing while interest rates increase and decrease, the economy speeds up
and slows down and the competition introduces new mortgage products.

Just ask the question – You might be pleasantly surprised you could save money or free up more cash or equity.

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Gold Coast Buyers Market sale On Now

Housing and property sales has slowed, and it been slowing for years.
If you were pondering buying there is choice aplenty with a steady rise in listings(apparently) and a certain decline in sales.
Auction clearance rates are dropping, listing times are increasing and the sentiment is decreasing.
If you have your funding organised, its a ripe time with a lot of properties to choose from with sellers becoming more frustrated with the lack of buyers apparent.

One thing that still remains very Important- Research

Do plenty of research and ensure you do not pay too much for something where there is plenty of other units or studio apartments to compare to. Mortgage brokers are having the opportunity to spend more time with each client due to this slow down and give an even better home loan service.

Either jump in or get some advice and take a look around……

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Is A loan In Brisbane A Good Idea

Property In Brisbane is Still Mostly Stable
Buying property in Brisbane at the moment might seem like an unsure decision.
The Queensland economy is getting flogged and it has now become the worst state in terms of growth and economic figures
So why would you want to buy a property in the states capital of Brisbane?

We the city has held up fairly well over the last few years, much better than previous hotspots like the gold coast.
Demand for inner city homes is still medium to strong and the market has shown signs of growth over the last few years.

So would you be comfortable getting an investment mortgage or home loan right now?

Brisbane mortgage brokers have been helping local home owners and investors trying to secure loans over the last few years noticing
prices are tight and there is a select few groups willing to invest before the market recovers and prices start inflating again!

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Find The Right Mortgage Broker

The task of finding a mortgage broker is never an easy one. It is something that requires a little research also, as a mortgage is a big investment so good advice is crucial.

Its worth mentioning to also be wary of banks advertising their own products. They really can only on-sell their loans which may or may not be the best homeloan for youe situation. This is where you can get unbiased advice from a mortgage broker who does not benefit from one single bank or lending institution, however they are payed on each independent loan. They therefore succeed on reputation for providing good accurate advise.

This is 100% to the benefit of some one needing a home or investment loan!!

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Work Out How Much Your Repayment Are

Its Important To Calculate Your Mortgage Repayments

Knowing what your budget is and how much you can afford to borrow is really important. You have to know this when you apply
for a mortgage or home loan any way so you may as well work it out before hand. This way you can trim off any excess if needed to
give yourself more borrowing power for a bigger loan.

Don't be caught out at the last minute. Get well qualified mortgage broker to help you out with your application and they will most certainly help
you calculating your mortgage repayments and budgeting requirements.

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Use An Experienced Mortgage Broker

Ever wondered About The Worth Of a Mortgage Broker

Here's a couple of points:

-They are unbiased and provide no-obligation advise

-Home loan experts like mortgage brokers services are free!

Mortgage brokers don't get payed by or work for one bank or lending institution. They get payed by which ever bank the client ends up using.
This makes their advise as unbiased as you can expect to get.
When your property your interested in presents you an opportunity , the first thing you need to sort is finance. This can be easy or hard depending on which way you go for obtaining home loan advise.

A bank representative can really only be expected to promote their own organisations products so their advise seems usually swayed this way- Naturally!

Do as much research as possible before you either, Use a mortgage broker or go it alone with a lending institution or bank by yourself

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The Benefits Of a Mortgage Broker

Use  A Mortgage Broker To Save Hassles

A highly qualified mortgage broker will assist you in all the difficult and daunting aspects of the paperwork for the application.

You get quality advise on potentially hundreds of different loan products for your application.

You get unbiased advise as a mortgage broker does not work for one specific bank or lending institution. The loan product you get is the best one for your situation.

The broker can assist you with all the legal jargon when going through the application

You can really use a broker to leverage your time and make the use of their skills to get you the loan you need.
Make the right choice for your time and save hassles.

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