Why Use Investment Property Managers

Why Use Property Managers?

Many people cringe about the cost of using property managers to manage their investment property. Mostly because of the 7-8% commission they charge.

The benefits for the advanced property investor though far outweigh the somewhat small cost involved.

Here’s just some-

-Time!! Who wants to be phoned up that the toilet in the investment property has sprung a leak on a Sunday just before the footy starts?

-The huge advertising resources they have if aligned to a real-estate company when it comes to finding a good, reputable tenant.

-The professional and unemotional approach to what is essentially a business when making tough decisions regarding breaches etc.

-The local knowledge they possess if you are an interstate investor-this alone could be priceless!

-The legal know-how required when things don’t go as planned and court hearings are required.

-The “passing of responsibility” in regard to outsourcing the management and relieving yourself of direct risk against lawsuits and personal indemnity.

-And best of all, it is tax deductible!

The most important part of the management process is selecting a well-qualified, competent team to take care of your all-important asset so you can focus on the important things like how to get into the next one for example.

Here are some tips:

-Getting independent testimonials from current and past customers is a good starting point, all happy with good recommendations?

-Ask for a list of currently managed properties and drive by them to check how they are maintained and cared for, lawns mowed and garden tidy?

-Ring them on a busy part of the day about something trivial and see how they respond, helpful and interested?

– Ask them about their local knowledge and see if it compares to the research you have done? Do they know accurately the yields and expected vacancy rates?

-Have a look at their office desks and also the back seat of their car? Tidy and organized or a mess?

Don’t ever compromise with the management of your property, as it is priceless to have peace of mind that it is in safe hands!

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