Work Out How Much Your Repayment Are

Its Important To Calculate Your Mortgage Repayments

Knowing what your budget is and how much you can afford to borrow is really important. You have to know this when you apply
for a mortgage or home loan any way so you may as well work it out before hand. This way you can trim off any excess if needed to
give yourself more borrowing power for a bigger loan.

Don't be caught out at the last minute. Get well qualified mortgage broker to help you out with your application and they will most certainly help
you calculating your mortgage repayments and budgeting requirements.

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Use An Experienced Mortgage Broker

Ever wondered About The Worth Of a Mortgage Broker

Here's a couple of points:

-They are unbiased and provide no-obligation advise

-Home loan experts like mortgage brokers services are free!

Mortgage brokers don't get payed by or work for one bank or lending institution. They get payed by which ever bank the client ends up using.
This makes their advise as unbiased as you can expect to get.
When your property your interested in presents you an opportunity , the first thing you need to sort is finance. This can be easy or hard depending on which way you go for obtaining home loan advise.

A bank representative can really only be expected to promote their own organisations products so their advise seems usually swayed this way- Naturally!

Do as much research as possible before you either, Use a mortgage broker or go it alone with a lending institution or bank by yourself

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The Benefits Of a Mortgage Broker

Use  A Mortgage Broker To Save Hassles

A highly qualified mortgage broker will assist you in all the difficult and daunting aspects of the paperwork for the application.

You get quality advise on potentially hundreds of different loan products for your application.

You get unbiased advise as a mortgage broker does not work for one specific bank or lending institution. The loan product you get is the best one for your situation.

The broker can assist you with all the legal jargon when going through the application

You can really use a broker to leverage your time and make the use of their skills to get you the loan you need.
Make the right choice for your time and save hassles.

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What Is A Quantity Surveyor?

Do You Know What a Quantity Surveyor Is?
Quantity surveyors are well qualified and heavily involved in the building and construction industry. They make calculated estimations on the value of depreciating items.
They use all this data to produce reports like valuations and depreciation schedules.
These type of reports are useful for project costings and tax deductions. There are many types of quantity surveyors and take upon many roles in the construction industry. They are crucial to a new project with estimations -very important when raising finance and applying for large corporate insurance.

The services of a surveyor are contracted out to property investors, construction companies, governments, insurance companies and housing projects.

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Property Approvals Provide Less Opportunity

Building Approvals Are Still Falling

When the new dwelling sector slows( and slows even more) through less demand, there are less options on the market available to sellers.
This is because a lot of the buyers that would usually buy a new home are upgrading from a current dwelling. It is an eternal cycle dependent on owners
upgrading and the stock being "recycled".  With less buyers the demand for new property decreases and the builders have to either drop their prices or hold onto the land for longer and wait for the demand to increase. this is all a double whammy with interest rates usually increasing at this time also.

The real opportunity is for owners looking to upgrade. They can achieve this easier than in a boom time by not having to spend as much to upgrade.

Wheres Your Opportunity??

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Is Your Property Loan In Your Comfort Zone

Make Sure Your LVR Is Not Too High

When you are preparing to apply to purchase a property, its worth thinking about future situations involving your cash flow.
How can you see yourself being able to make the repayments if you have a minor or major bill involved with the property.

Such issues like emergency repairs, tenant damage, accidental damage, and losing your own cash flow come to mind.

All of these worst case scenarios should be taken into account and measured against your lending situation.
The last thing needed is a mortgage collapse because of a lack of short term cash flow to fund loan repayments. If your loan to value ratio (LVR) is too high you have no room to move, the higher loan usually means higher loan repayments also.

Age old saying: Plan for the worst, and Expect the best

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Have You Got A Valid Building Inspection

Make Sure Your Property Due Diligence Is Complete

When you start to look into a property for the purpose of purchasing it, its important to
have all the facts present before you sign on the dotted line.

One of the most important pieces of information you should have is the view of a registered builder
or a qualified building inspector. These tradesman are specialists in finding faults and investigating the overall
integrity of a building.

This is not to be taken lightly as some cosmetic faults can be fixed for few hundred dollars, while others can compromise
the foundations and overall safety of the structure. 
They check the property from top to bottom and sometimes take x-ray vision of walls and foundations to check for moisture
and corrosion. This is vital to a thorough inspection.

Having this important info before you purchase your next home to live in or investment property can be the difference between
heartache and bliss!

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